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The work of a licensed OLS is to ascertain and report on the corners and bends of what is registered, as well as unregistered interests in land.  



Note: Each product below is based on a full investigation of evidence surrounding a boundary.  This investigation concludes in part with a mark out on the ground to the client's specification.  See FAQ Mark Out.

Boundary Retracement 

Provides a copy of our field notes, together with any authorized sketch or plan.

SRPR (Surveyor's Real Property Report)  

A two part document composed of a plan of survey and written report which explains the perimeter and any applicable interior boundaries or interests.  This product documents critical distances from structures to boundaries, and identifies any encroachments or interests to land.

Reference Plan   

This plan of survey is deposited on title, to describe land as "PARTS," as typically referenced within a deed.  A plan of survey can be prepared for various reasons, including title transfer (Crown and Road Allowance), description complexity or discrepancy, Boundary Act Hearings, or First Application.    

Draft Plan of Subdivision   

A plan of survey regsitered on title for creating a new lot fabric.  



Boundary Hearing

When the evidence of a boundary is questionable or conflicting, then a boundary hearing may be appropriate action for resolving question of the extent of title. 

First Application

Bringing property from under the Registery Act into the Land Titles Act.  This is required for Plans of Subdivision or questions of title.