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Friday, 27 March 2009 11:17

Below, are areas of land surveying as related to determining property limits and land development.  When conducting a survey, some areas combine to suit a particuliar parcel of land for a particuliar need.



Expertise in determining the extent of rights to land.

This is a legislated investigation and documentation of all evidence found as it relates to rights in land.  The investigation provides monumentation, plan of survey, and reporting as to the extent of rights, interests and use in land.  These results are usually furnished to your solicitor, Land Registry Office, and municipality/planning board, for peaceful development in the neighbourhood.  Available products are: boundary retracement, Surveyor's Real Property Report, Reference Plan,  and Plan of Subdivision.  More Details? - Yes

__________________________to investigate and describe___________________________


Expertise in changing the extent of rights to land.

The review, assessment, submission, and representation of municipal applications for consent, minor variances, and Draft Plans of Subdivision.  The foregoing cadastral work is often a precursor and condition, of meeting Municipal requirements for successful completion.   We also provide assistance with Crown Land and (Shore) Road Allowance Applications.        
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 ___________________________to change and describe____________________________



Expertise in documenting (sub)surface and aerial features within any specified boundaries.

The capture of three dimensional space in digital and paper formats, for the land proprietor's inventory and design.  The digital drawing allows rhobust analysis while the plan is a manageable scaled and interpreted rendering on plan.  This part of surveying is often combined with the cadastral element. More Details? -Yes.

   ____________________________for spatial inventory______________________________


Expertise in assigning third order coordinates to various local and global reference systems.

This aspect of surveying is most common with government requirements or contracting.  Our office can provide third order control. The marking, measuring and assigning of real world coordinates, using specified datumns and transformations.   More Details? -Yes.

  ___________________________for spatial referencing___________________________


Expertise in marking construction points within boundaries.

The marking on the ground of design points for both excavation and construction as per design plan and zoning specifications.  More Details? -Yes.

  ___________________________for spatial identification___________________________